Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Daniel and I have what I think of as an unorthodox way of decorating. We tend to sit on ideas for a long time only to radically change plans and then go on a shopping spree. It sounds crazy but it actually works for us.

This is the story of my ever evolving living room.

It started out like a normal weekend. We made a list of things we wanted to work on and settled in to our plans only to find ourselves taking an impromptu Ikea trip and spending the day making this.

This hack was quite literally that.  We started out with this shelving unit (x3) and took some measurements.

See too tall. So we got out the trusty hacksaw and got to work (though the hacksaw was later abandoned for the multi-max for the sake of our arms).

Many many hours later we had successfully modified and built our shelves. We decided to cut down from the top (leaving that little half shelf) because it required the least changes to the overall structure of the unit.

Then I got to move all my books up from the office and style (probably my favorite part). The giraffe helped.

I love this little vignette. My thrift store Asian art and wooden bird cage (i'll show you how I put that together later), the cute little pig from my childhood and my favorite pictures of my parents.

Here's the view from a bit further back. I don't know how I want the seating arranged so that will probably change.

The living room has been my biggest design dilemma because it is so long and narrow with the front door dumping in to one side and the dining room cut out of the other. It is rarely used and so has until now been sparsely furnished. Now I actually like sitting in there! There is still much more to be done but we are making little tweaks at a time. I've already tackled the nook by the fireplace and have some ideas for seating so there is more to come!



  1. This turned out great!! You're so brave! I would have been too nervous to hack away.

  2. I love this!! I have been searching for ways to modify this shelf! Do you think it would possible/the shelf would still stand if one section of the vertical pole was cut out?? I want a tv to fit so want one rectangle and essentially four squares still there. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. I think if it was the top section it would but I don't low if you would want to take too much out. Hope that helps!

  3. I don't think my other comment posted...Love this project!! Just wondering if you think it'd be possible to hack out one section of the vertical pole, making four squares and one rectangle section essentially.Just wondering if the shelf will be sturdy enough/still stand with more adjustments! Thanks in advance!