Monday, November 11, 2013

And That's Why I've Been So Moody…

That's right. I've switched to no-voc paint. Wine and cheese night has turned in to cheese night. I have a secret baby board on Pinterest.  Long, hot, baths have turned in to short, warm, showers.  We've combined the guest bed with the office. In other words, we are having a baby!

Obviously this has knocked me out a bit (as evidenced by the complete radio silence for the last 2.5 months), but now that I can keep regular food down and have some more energy I'm excited to start doing things again! We've already started some long awaited projects that get us closer to real nursery progress. Yay!

I'm due March 28th so that makes me about 20 weeks along, which means, we get to do our Anatomy Ultrasound this week! As long as the little one shows us the goods, we will find out if I've been growing a girl or boy (or dinosaur).

Can you tell we are thrilled? Thrilled! This was a long time coming for us, and I am so happy that even if I've been having a tough time everything else has been looking good.



  1. Congratulations! Motherhood is a blast. So very happy for both of you!

  2. Congratulations! So happy you're feeling better. Morning Sickness, also known as All Day Sickness, totally sucks. I hope your pregnancy goes well and that you can continue all your diy projects. So happy for you.

  3. oooooh, can't wait to find out if it's a dinosaur!!!