Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It isn't a secret that I love cork art (and that we drink a lot of wine) so obviously Christmas is not safe from my obsession. And after seeing this pin I knew I would work corks in to my Christmas decor.

The best thing about my version is that I didn't have to purchase a single thing to complete it! Here is my finished wreath

It was pretty easy to make, though the kitty thought the corks were her's to play with and that any moving ribbon was a toy. Once I had her corralled it went pretty quickly.

I started with an embroidery hoop I've been hanging on to for years

Then I gathered my supplies and lay out my corks to decide what pattern I wanted.

Then I started gluing.

Outside first

Then the inside

I decided I wanted a tuxedo bow so I cut my two lengths of ribbon and lay them in a cross

Then I folded in and glued the longer ribbon down

Then I did the same to the short one and flipped it over.

All it needed now was a tail and everything got glued on to the wreath. Super simple. 

I've got it up above my advent for now but things move around a lot in this house. Who knows where it will be tomorrow.

Who doesn't love free projects? 


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  1. Cute! I need to start saving mine. We sure go through a quite a bit ;)