Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Little Light of Mine

I know we changed out the fixture in the library once all ready but it just wasn't doing it for me. It was just too modern for our 1902 house. We kept our eyes open for something neat from the Re-Store but just couldn't find anything we truly loved. Finally luck was upon us. We were at Home Depot picking up a few other things when I randomly wandered down the lighting isle. This chandelier caught my eye but it wasn't until I looked up that I was truly in love.

Hampton Bay Estelle 3-Light 27 in. Semi-Flush Mount

It was perfect! I knew it would look great in our library and at $80 I was sold. 

Here's how it looks in its new home (ignore the offset look of the mount. Someone wallpapered the ceiling and then plastered over it after the last light was put in so it is going to be a huge project getting it off)

The color is a little more antique brass in person which I love. Nothing too shiny or 80's. The only thing I would change is the beads. I'd love to find some classic crystals instead. But look how pretty it is at night

The light shining through the metal work at the top casts this beautiful pattern along the top of the walls and the whole thing just glows. Love! I feel like my plans for the library are becoming more cohesive and unified. I'm still totally on the fence about painting but it will be a project for another time. 



  1. I love this light. LOVE it! I love restore stores too, but don't usually find much in the way of lighting that isn't 80's brass...