Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Great Gift for any Wine Lover

When my friends from Santa Cruz came in to town for Thanksgiving they not only brought copious amounts of wine but also a great housewarming gift (or two). The Menu Wine Breather.
 I love decanters. They are great for bottles that really should breathe a while but you don't really want to wait. Let's watch Daniel demonstrate.

As you can see the whole process was also very interesting to our not so little miss kitty. Can you believe how big she has gotten? I barely remember the tiny little thing I introduced you to two months ago.

Now, back to the wine. The aeration really helps cut the sharp tannic notes some wine can have. We always try a glass before and a glass after to see the difference. It can be astounding. Not all wine needs to be decanted but it is nice to have around for the ones that does. I certainly can't wait hours for my glass of wine! Pair with some nice glasses or a good bottle of wine and you have the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life (in case you are like me and haven't even started shopping yet).


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  1. I think you just helped me pick the hubby's Christmas present. The decanter we received for our wedding broke a few years ago and this would be perfect for him.
    I cannot believe how big your little girl is! Lemur is 11 months and is a runt compared to her. I LOVE that last picture.