House Tour

Welcome to our house! Take a peak inside and see how it looks right now...

Floor plans:

Upstairs- Original

Upstairs- Current
You can see the biggest change in the size and shape of the kitchen and bedroom. 

Downstairs- Original

Downstairs- Current

It's a pretty modest 1,400 sq ft including the covered porch out front. And in case you are wondering, those dark boxes are parts of the old brick chimney. You can imagine the big one in the guest bed lining up with the fireplace in the living room. The one in the guest room is exposed and the one in the kitchen is not.

This was the view from the street when we moved in.

Here is the exterior now that we've removed the fence, cleared out the juniper, and cut down the two big pines and a cedar. You can finally see my front door makeover from the street! Now that we've added a Laurel hedge, things are looking up.

When we first moved in the stairs were in desperate need of a paint job and the AstroTurf was atrocious!

Since moving in we have stripped and painted the front porch (you can read all about that project here) and added the lovely little blue side table (as well as a bit of furniture) and the welcoming pennant and painted the door a cheery green. 

The front door opens to the living room, which is long and lean, with the fireplace at one end and a bank of windows at the other. When we moved in we just plopped the furniture we had just any old place 

It's been a difficult space to work with (and furniture seems to move around this house quite a bit) but the space is beginning to come together.

After adding a row of shelving to the wall under the window, and switching things around by adding the dining room table to the mix this is now the perfect work/eating area. 

Looking the other way you can see we added a new light fixture, shelving and created a little reading nook near by.

The dining room is probably the most used room in the house. Daniel tends to work at the table all day so it was nice to spruce it up a bit. 

It has morphed a bit through time but we've turned the dining room in to more of a sitting room/ lounge. 

We still need to move the lighting around and possibly get a larger table for the wall but it is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

The kitchen and breakfast nook were not originally on my remodel list, but slowly the little things about the just got on my nerves (you can read all about that here). It was mostly cramped and just not our style. 

Now that we've moved a wall, painted the cabinets, got new lighting, painted (and repainted the walls), put up our open shelves, installed our marble back splash, put down cork flooring, and stained the butcher block counters things are looking up in here.

Now our master bedroom door goes through here instead of the hallway. 

Master Bath



So far I've refinished the cabinet and added the shower curtain. I still want to add some paint in here and replace the sink but that is down the line. (See the inspiration board for that here

The Master Bedroom when we moved in. 

After moving a wall, adding a new light fixture, opening up the closet, painting and tearing out the carpet, and getting a new bed- we are finally getting somewhere. 

The sliding door is still on the TBC list but I love my heart art.

We still have some decisions to make about the flooring and I would love a bigger nightstand but we are waiting to see what comes our way.

The hallway connecting our room and the Library was pretty boring. 

It got an update with some paint and a gallery wall.

As you head Down Stairs you used to be greeted by this mess. Old ugly carpet and a blank wall. 

The guest bed



I painted and set up the room for a guest we had coming but I haven't gone back to it since. I'm still looking for pillows and art to spruce the place up. 

The Third Bedroom, empty of everything (including the carpet)

We are still working out how best to use this room so it will stay empty (or without use at any rate) until we know how we want to move forward.

The utility room which houses the washer, dryer, and heaters is at the end of the hall. We've emptied it of pretty much everything.

The plans are to completely renovate the space and finally get it in to the "finished" category. That will involve much drywall and hopefully some built in cabinets to hide plumbing and wires. Currently it leads to the downstairs bath.

This is what it looked like when we moved in: 

We did some sprucing by painting the walls Ace's Casual White and adding a few things (here). This is still a temporary bathroom as we plan to do a huge remodel down the line but for now it is a much more inviting space. 

So there you have it folks, our house as it stands now. Nothing is finished so look back and see the afters as we go along!