Monday, September 10, 2012

Who Says you Have to Live With It?

After laying our cork floors and staining the counters (post to follow) I was not digging the color I had painted the walls.

It was just too blue to go with the warm tones of the floor, so I painted.

It's a little warmer but still the green I wanted. We finally settled on Behr's Cool Cucumber. I'm starting to realize that I am happier with my paint colors if I just go with my gut rather than get a million samples but you live and learn right? 

We still need to paint trim and floor boards but this project is just about done. Now if only work would slow down and let me finish!



  1. I'd love to have you redesign our kitchen... someday!

  2. I really love the lighter green! It's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Ashley! It definitely is much more subtle and toned down which I love.