Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Road Trip Scores

What's a road trip without a little shopping? I love checking out random thrift stores and antique stores in the middle of no-where and on this trip it payed out in spades.

Probably my favorite score of the trip is this little diddy birdy.

She was picked up in a random (and free) prairie town in North Dakota. The shops were full of cute old books and treasures. We also got to see the world's largest Buffalo.

Is it strange that I was disappointed he wasn't real?

I also managed to finally visit a Home Goods on this trip. WA doesn't have one (yet) and their adds have been torturing me for years. Update: We do have HomeGoods! They are new! Yay!

I picked up this super cute handwoven basket.

And this great garden stool

Which is the perfect foil to my other stool I recovered last year.
They are both in the library which needs a reveal post when I get a little further along. More details to follow as usual (you'd think one day I would have learned to only work on one project at a time).

On the way home Daniel and I stopped at a random antiques place in South Dakota and found this great bar set.

I love the texture and the caddy. Too cute.

Where in South Dakota you ask? Right about here

We had been driving so long and it mostly looked like this, but, if you are ever driving along the I-90 and happen to pass an huge antique mall in the middle of nowhere it is worth the stop, I promise.

Anyone else like to check out thrift stores/ antique malls on road trips? I wouldn't have thought Daniel would go for it but I think he was as tired of driving as I was.



  1. I love love love the green glass! Those pieces look gorgeous!

  2. I love the birdie! And that caddy is great! I stumbled upon one in our shed not long ago and I can't wait to find a spot for it inside! Thanks for the reminder!