Thursday, August 9, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

I wanted to take a break from our kitchen-palooza and share a little piece of art I recently acquired.

This pretty little flamingo watercolor was done by a wonderfully talented Etsy artist. You can see more of her work here. I'm particularly fond of this octopus but if they aren't your thing, I'm sure she has something you'd like (she also does custom work if you are in need of a special gift).

My little flamingo has earned a place on my growing wall of art in the Library.

I need to fill some of those frames with new art but I'm digging how the arrangement is coming together. On a totally random side note I was super jazzed when I got the package my art came in.

Not only is it from Italy (which was the first place Daniel and I vacationed as a couple).

It also was covered in Gorgonzola stamps (a nod to our wine and cheese).

Pair that with the fact that Flamingos were one of the only bits of wild life we saw on our honeymoon and you have the perfect random romantic moment trifecta.

I also wanted to share this little purchase from my most recent Ikea trip.

Gotta love the "as is" section. It is the side table piece of this set. I'm thinking I like it a a side table for the library, but for $15 I am sure it will find a happy home.

Anyone else finding good things? I love when something just speaks to you.

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