Monday, August 6, 2012


I have to say, I'm pretty amazed by us. When we put our minds to it we really get things done! (it helps when you can take a day off to work on them though). Between pounding out our herringbone tile back splash last week (still needs to be grouted) and this, I think we have officially graduated to DIY home owners. With the back splash and floor out of the way there are just a few little things to finish before our appraisal Wednesday.

So, without further ado-




Fabulous! For the most expensive part of the project (they came in at $4.39 a sq/ft and we needed around 140 sq/ft) this was the easiest thing to do so far. Seriously. The worst was the moisture barrier (the black trash bag looking stuff in the above pictures). It would not lay flat for the life of me. Still, I would definitely recommend cork for anyone looking to update their floors. There are some great color options out there. We chose this one- Kentwood's Libson Burl Cork in "peat" -because it complimented the floors we already have. I thought about going a different route but had to face the fact that I would probably never get around to refinishing the floors.

 I love how warm it makes the room, which was getting a bit cool from all of the white. As for the processes? We just followed the manufacturer's directions (Young House Love has a good tutorial too) which was basically to slide the boards together and they lock. No adhesive, no nails. Awesome. After pulling up the last flooring I appreciate something that I can easily remove.

Tomorrow is the last day to get things up and painted so I will be back Wednesday with the big reveal. You probably noticed a few other upgrades we did (hardware "cough-cough", back door "ahem"). So happy to be finishing up!



  1. I want to pet that tile. SOOOOOOOOO stinking pretty. Good choice. Now come do mine. Beings you all are kicking hiney in the DIY department! I'll watch the Olympics for you while you do it. Sound like a deal???

  2. Love the floors! The kitchen is looking great! And I'm with Michelle! I totally want to pet that tile!