Monday, February 18, 2013

Front Yard Progress: Hedge Edition

Who doesn't love a dramatic before and after? I've already shown you the first phase of this project (here) but I thought a little picture by picture run down would be fun. 

To begin: The view from the street right after we moved in.

First phase: Remove that ugly rusted fence and hateful juniper bushes. Juniper in Gin? Great. In my front yard? Not for me. 

Phase two: Trees. Buh-Bye

Phase three: Planting!

Last Wednesday the guys from planted five English Laurels. I now am the proud owner of shrubbery. We chose Laurels for their reputation for their look and speedy growth. Soon (about 5 years) we should have a nice tall hedge that provides privacy but doesn't block the view. It will be great to have a usable front yard instead of the monster pit from before. 

Here's one more just to compare: 

I'd say it's an improvement.


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