Monday, February 11, 2013

Carpe Carpet

Seize the carpet! Let me just say that I have been dying to start this project since about the day we moved in. All of the carpet in the house was dirty and stained and well, just plain gross. Even though it has been a year and a month (exactly, isn't that weird) since I started my carpet eradication and repainted the stairs I am happy to say we are officially carpet free!

I give you, the office

 And the Guest bed

I'm currently playing with the way things are arranged. I haven't decided what I want to do headboard wise or what the best orientation is but at least it is in one piece again right Mom?

More to come! We are currently having a flooring debate. Since the hardwoods are not likely salvageable we've laid all options on the table. Carpet? Cork? New hardwoods? They all have pros and cons and we are not in a hurry to decide. I'm leaning towards carpet for the warmth but after tearing up that nasty old carpet I wonder how it would look. What do you think about carpet? Love it or hate it?



  1. I love cork and wood. It's easier to buy area rugs and get rid of them when they get worn or damaged than wall to wall carpet. You should be so proud of all the work you've accomplished. It all looks great. Keep up the good work1

    1. Thanks destashio! I keep leaning toward hardwoods but I am worried they will not fit in with the original flooring we have upstairs. That and it gets COLD downstairs!

  2. Ditto on the wood or laminate flooring - easy clean up, can install yourself, and easy to change decor with area rugs.

  3. Looks good! I'd say wood or cork. Don't head back the carpet way if you can avoid it. Why aren't the current floors in the picture? Ours ended up being scrapped because of the termite damage but from these photos yours look okay. Are they just too torn up?