Thursday, February 7, 2013

Worth The Wait

I think the most frustrating thing about buying a house in need of some "work" is just how much there is to still do. Sometimes I envy people who bought move in ready homes or, well, basically any home that had been taken care of. I feel like so much of my time and energy in this house is focused on trying to fix the little things that aren't quite as glamorous. That being said I can't get too far down because I love our house and would choose it again in a heart beat (and well I own my own home which makes me pretty fortunate). You have to love potential right?

Since we've been spending most of our time and money on big projects I don't often get to focus on the fun little details that can really bring a room together. And let's face it, when you are living with open walls and torn up flooring it is kind of hard to imagine what the right chair is for the space.

So, for the last two years we've been bed-less. Ok, so we have a bed, but it consists mainly of a mattress and shin gouging boxpring. Why have we gone this long without a buying a bed? One word people, compromise. I had been dreaming of a gorgeous tufted headboard along these lines.

Beautiful right? I even love the whole color scheme. What did Daniel want? Something metal (preferably salvaged). His reasoning? Our bed is against the window and a solid headboard would block the light. My reasoning? We never open the blinds so who cares if we block the light I just want to be comfortable. Alas, that did not win him over. So I searched and searched but everything was too expensive or just not right (and after the couch debacle I have to be double sure before any big purchase is approved). Luckily I'm a patient girl.

I was cruzing while taking a bath (which is where I do the majority of my shopping and reading-thank you iPad) and happened on this beauty. Not too feminine, not to masculine, still lets light through. Check, check, check.

I practically leaped out of the bath and ran soaking wet to show Daniel. Miracles of miracles he liked it! Still, after waiting so long I was hesitant. After about three weeks I still knew I wanted it and Daniel still said he liked it so I figured, all systems go. Then, up popped a 10% off coupon and I couldn't resist any more. So 10% off, free shipping (which was a huge deal since large items usually have a hefty delivery fee) and no tax brought the price tag to just over $300. Score!

Delivery date is Monday! Can't wait to show it off in it's new home!

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  1. Nice! And what a deal too! I hear you on spending so much on the little things that are not so fun around these fixer-uppers. Looks like you guys are making great progress though.