Monday, February 25, 2013

The Time Has Come

I took these pictures of the laundry room on November 19th of last year.

Yikes. It got better at first, but like every room that doesn't have a clear organizational process it quickly devolved. Not any more though. Welcome to our newly cleaned out laundry room.

Come on in.

Straight ahead, the back door.

Look to your Right. Notice the lack of shelving and clutter.

Look to your left. Water heater. Ohh fancy.

Turn the corner to view the newly cleaned off ledge. Junk free is how life should be.

Here's a better view of our server, furnace, and the door to the second bath. Weird right?

For those of you who like visuals, here's an aerial sketch. 
What are we going to do now? How nice of you to ask! Since day one I have wanted to do something about the fact that you have to navigate the Laundry room just to use the bathroom. Add to that the fact that our Laundry room is officially considered "unfinished" space and thus is not counted in to the square-footage value of the house. So, as the title implies, the time has come! 

Here's the general breakdown of the project.
  1. Move the furnace
  2. Move the wall
  3. Demo tile in bathroom
  4. Fix shower? Possibly relocate
  5. Storage
This might make things clearer.

Not that this is to scale but you can see we'll be swapping a smaller Laundry room for a larger bathroom (which I would prefer). We haven't exactly nailed down the plans for the bathroom since most of them depend on what we find in the demo. After remodeling the kitchen I've learned not to plan around any one aspect until you know exactly what is underneath. 

Much more to come. The furnace guys come on Thursday and then our carpenter will be here next week so we should have a better idea about what we have to work with soon. Until then, I'll keep dreaming about bathrooms. 



  1. Great idea! I don't know how you've lived this long with that layout. Makes you wonder what the architect was thinking.