Friday, February 10, 2012

Door Candy

We moved in to our new house last May and I am just now getting around to changing the locks. I know, shame on me. It should have been the first thing we did but alas, life just gets away from me some times. With an upcoming vacation and new people coming to watch the pets I figured it was high time to get it done. With out further ado...

Front door before

Front door after

Back door before

Back door after

When we moved in the house came with one key and five different locks. Kwikset makes it so much easier. Even though we didn't buy both locks in a set we were able to re-key them ourselves. Now we have one key for both doors. I love the keypad on the back. Now when I take Norman out for a walk I don't have to worry about locking myself out. And they look much better too.

Though of course, you do one upgrade and you start to notice all of the other things that need to be fixed. That back door is on the list. Maybe a nice cheery yellow? I'll put that one on the back burner for now but it is nice to have one project that is completely done. We are still moving at a snails pace but I don't mind. It will all be worth it when we are done!

Anyone have good plans for the weekend? Mine involve work and drywall.

P.S. Anna over at Directions Not Included wrote a great post about no-reply commenter's. Check it out. I love your comments but it is even better when I can write you back! Thanks for the PSA Anna!


  1. Changing the locks is like our #1 thing to do before we move in. There are zero deadbolts on any of the exterior doors! I really like the Kwikset on the back door! Maybe we'll do that for our exterior garage door...

  2. I love your door color, the new hardware and the entire porch! The keypad is nifty. If I did't think my hubby would always lock himself out because he forgot the code I would totally do that. Have a great weekend and thanks for the link :)