Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Light Up my Life

We've been quietly searching for a new light fixture for awhile now. Biding our time until the perfect fixture came along. Early on in our home buying process we decided we wouldn't buy anything we didn't love, even if that meant living with something we weren't super excited about until we did. This means we are making do with a lot of less than desirable fixtures, furniture, and flooring until the right stuff comes our way (and that we can afford it).

Ever since we moved in there was one fixture that we unanimously loved. Our living room light

I love how ornate and interesting it is. After looking around for a while I realized it is a pretty common light fixture. Or at least there are many variations on the theme. Even Miss Mustard Seed found one (and for four dollars!)

I've seen them bigger, smaller, sconce sized and even with colored crystals but I've always thought the one we had would look great somewhere you could see it better. Somewhere like the dining room. Of course that would mean I needed to find a replacement for the living room so we were essentially back at square one. Until I struck gold at my local ReStore.

It has a familiar looking sticker on the inside that I've seen on a few other lights we have. I need to do some research and find out what it all means.

All she needed was some elbow grease and paint remover.

What lovely arms you have.

Now I just need to get the light in the dining room hung. Maybe tomorrow.