Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is like magic! Last fall I planted a TON of bulbs and now they are starting to pop up all over the yard. Mostly they are daffodils at the moment

but some hyacinths and crocuses are starting to poke up too (at least I am pretty sure they are hyacinths. I didn't plant these they are from last year's bulbs).

The daffodils I am forcing are doing well too. Here's what they looked like two weeks ago

and today

There were a few winter casualties

but I plan to replace them with veggies in the spring. Maybe heirloom tomatoes?

 I've been doing quite a bit of research on gardens and planting (it was one of my New Years resolutions after all) and can't wait to try my hand at gardening. I came across this neat almost social networking/ gardening site called Sproutrobot that tells you when to plant in your area. Right now I am supposed to be starting cabbage indoors. This is the cute little explanation they give for how to start.

The free version tells you when to plant certain veggies but the paid version actually sends you seeds to plant. They seem pretty new but if you are curious about starting a garden you should check them out. I'm still not sure if I want to deal with starting veggies inside (you can usually buy starts at your local nursery) but I really like that it tells you when to plant outside. Never hurts to have somewhere to start from. After all

...and a great glass of wine!

What about you? Any urban gardeners out there? Daniel says I can't have chickens but secretly I don't think I mind.

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