Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For Those of Us who Can't Wait

I have been so giddy about our new light fixture for our living room. It is the perfect piece for the space and compliments the adjacent dining room chandelier perfectly (even though it still needs to be hung). Totally worth scouring antique shops and the ReStore until I found it. But, I know not everyone is that patient or has as much access to the resources I have in a larger city. If you are looking for classic American lighting and hardware apparently there is a place for you (of course with the power of the Internet this should be obvious but I digress).

A few days ago a catalogue for Rejuvenation arrived in my mail box. I love catalogues, not sure why, I hardly ever buy anything from them but they are fun to peruse. This one had me at the cover.

Rejuvenation Warehouse Lighting

They make reproductions of classic lighting and restore antique lighting as well. They are based out of Portland OR and are simply amazing. If you want period lighting for your house but don't want to wait until you find them second hand this is a great resource.

Here are some of my favorites.

Blackstone: Trefoil Pendant

This one is super fun and mid-century modern

Dora: Atomic Age Pendant


Lobelia: Colonial Revival Chandelier

They also have some neat enameled pieces. 

McCoy Industrial Pendant Red Painted Steel Cone

I could go on and on. I mean, how pretty is this?
The Alexandra Pendant

and this

Jackson Park

They also have a great selection of hardware, hinges and pulls. Their prices are pretty reasonable and they sell both to the public and to trade. We are still exploring lighting options for the kitchen (which is still going along just very slowly) so I've been drooling over their pendents. I'm still thinking I'm going to try and DIY something but they have some great inspiration. 

Anyone else have good lighting resources? I'm bored with the selection at the usual places and looking for something amazing for the kitchen. I'd love to hear where you go for light fixtures. 

P.S. I wasn't paid to write this post (though I'd take free lighting any day), I just think this is a pretty awesome place for period lighting. They have a blog too. Check it out!


  1. I love their site. I haven't bought anything yet but I drool over many things constantly. I have no resources on lighting. The hubby hates all lighting so it is always a constant battle.

  2. Wow, that enameled pendant is lovely! So is the white and bronze one above the kitchen table! We are nowhere near the lighting stage in our house so I haven't even begun to look for places...I will check out this site! I wonder if they ship to Canada? Thanks for the resource. -Diana