Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bringing in Spring

We are still moving along in our wall demo but I thought I'd take a break and show you another project I'm working on. Well, I'm not really working on it, nature is.

This fall I bought a TON of bulbs from Brecks and planted them all over the back yard (I skipped the front since I didn't know what would be happening with it this year). I tried to get a mix of bulbs that would start early in the spring and keep going through the summer so I have everything from Crocuses to Irises planted back there. I also went a bit over board on Daffodils (Go Dils, go dils). At one point I just ran out of places to plant without being totally random so I had a few left over in a bag while I thought about what to do. Those few days turned in to months and I pretty much gave them up for dead. Imagine my surprise when I went to do some weeding and found they were sprouting in the bag. I figured it was a sign and decided to try and force them indoors. Hopefully I'll have some color in a few weeks to offset the construction zone my house has become. So I ask you, have you successfully forced bulbs inside? My amaryllis did fine but that is all I've ever done. Do daffodils even work that way? We'll see I guess!

We are totally jazzed about getting the wall up tomorrow. I'll try to post the final project in the evening so you can see our progress. The contractor comes at 8 a.m. (eak!) so with luck it will be framed before lunch.  Fingers crossed it is a simple project and no headers are needed to complete the wall.

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  1. Neat! I'm suffering from a terrible case of spring fever at the moment. I've never tried bulbs inside... but I might now!