Thursday, January 19, 2012

The In-Between

Probably the most hated phase in all of DIY. That point where it looks worse than it did before and you start wondering why you chose now to start the project. Luckily I haven't reached the hair pulling, "why oh why did I do this" phase of the project but snow and work have definitely slowed us down. Added to that, we have travel plans at the end of February that are beginning to look a lot closer than they were when we started this project. I've got a four day weekend this weekend so I plan to get lots done and hopefully have real progress to show you. For now this is what I've got.

A master bed full of door trim I'm saving in case we need it, kitchen cabinets, and other miscellaneous junk. On the bright side though we have finally broken ground on my new closet!

Remember the closet that was supposed to be my birthday present? Back in August? Better late than never right? Obviously it has a bit more work to be done but we are getting there.

The to do list for the weekend:
1. Finish demoing and frame out closet
2. Come to a final determination on beam and remove (or deal with)
3. Install electrical
4. Drywall (or at least get the materials to do so)
5. Figure out how to match our current cabinets

That last one is causing the most difficulty. I know they were put in recently but I can't figure out where they came from. I only need one lower cabinet to add to the new configuration and it would be nice if it matched. Any ideas on how to tell where they came from?



  1. It always gets worse before it gets better! Keep your chin up and your hair on your head ;)

    As far as the cabinets, not sure where the originals game from but you could check out thrift or re-stores to try to find something close and then paint or stain it to match?

  2. Ah yes, the what was I thinking phase! I see many of these in my futrure! I'm glad you're not pulling out your hair yet!