Thursday, January 5, 2012

Living with Rennovations

We spent most of yesterday moving things out of our master bed and library in preparation for knocking down a wall later next week. All I can think is I am so thankful that I have extra rooms in this house to move into while we renovate. For now our library has become our new bedroom.

And the living room now houses two couches and our bookshelf.

I'm hoping if I can keep the renovations confined to the kitchen I will stay sane through the whole process (bets on how long that will last people?). This will be our second big project in the house that we will be doing almost entirely ourselves so I have some reservations about our skills. We did decide to hire a contractor to frame the new wall but we are demoing the old wall and drywalling the new wall ourselves. Lots of new skills will be learned (and probably a few tantrums thrown on my part) but I'm excited to see what we can manage together. We are still married after re-doing the back yard so I have faith we can make it through this one. If all else fails there is money in the budget to hire someone to fix anything we break, which is a weight off my back.

Anyone out there drywall before? Is it as hard as it looks? Also, can you believe our library was listed as a bedroom? I could see a possible nursery but bedroom it is not!



  1. Ooooo! This is exciting! I can't wait to see how it all comes along!

  2. That is the part of renovating ourselves while we are living in the house I hate the most. I'm typing this from my couches which are currently in the bar along with everything else from the family room while we work on the ceilings there.
    You guys can do this. It may be a learning curve at first with the drywall and new projects but after the work you have done in that yard, you definitely have the skills there. Drywall as long as it is not on the ceiling is not so bad.
    Good luck and I can't wait to see how things start turning out! SO exciting!

  3. OH this is exciting! Can't wait to watch it take shape. I can't offer much drywall advice. My other half used to be a drywaller every summer through highschool and university so I'm lucky that he is able to do it all. I wouldn't have the first clue. If you run in to any specific issues let me know - perhaps I could ask him for some advice for you guys.

  4. We did some major reno on the last place we sold. It sucks, but will really be worth it in the end. :) Excited to see how it turns out!