Monday, January 23, 2012

Down With Cabinets!

The snow kept us from getting much done this weekend but we did accomplish one or two minor things. As of this moment I am cabinet free over the kitchen sink. So what used to look like this

Now looks like this

Which may not get you exited but it sure gets me going. Even Daniel admitted that it "looked brighter" in the kitchen without them. We also made a shopping trip to Ikea this weekend and picked up shelving. I was going to put it up but now I want to paint first before I open that can of worms.

We cleared another milestone this weekend. Paint! and tile! I knew I didn't want colored tile in the kitchen since I didn't want to be hampered by my color choices for the rest of my life and while I love subway tile it was a little too plain. This is the combo we came up with.

We chose a white marble tile for our back splash and plan to stain the butcher block counters we are going to be putting in a dark brown. We are still waffling on whether the desert green is to dark but I think with white cabinets it will be perfect.

Tonight we are going to sit down and make a timeline for getting the project done. There are so many steps that it is easy to forget about a few and we both want to be thorough in making sure that each step is done to the best of our abilities while still being able to use the kitchen as much as possible. Am I crazy to think that might work? Or should we just take everything out and start with a clean slate? I go back and forth on it all the time. Better to live in chaos or go slow? I'm pretty sure ripping everything out would be a kick in the pants towards progress but I'm not sure I'm ready to spend the next few weeks eating microwaveable dinners.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Anyone do anything fun? We went to an exhibit on mid century modern furniture made by Josef Frank which was interesting. Not my style but very neat.


  1. I love that green color! Especially with the tile and white cabinets!

  2. I like your tile/stain choices!

    I wouldn't be good at renovating. I like everything in it's place. The mess with make the projects that we do make me all nervous. Hang in there!

  3. Love the green. I don't think it's too dark at all. The marble tile is beautiful as well, and like you said, lets you go anywhere with paint and accessories in the future! The downside of renovating a kitchen in the winter is that you can't bbq. If it were summer I would say rip it all down and move your kitchen outside until it's done but I agree, you need a working kitchen in the winter time. Can't wait to follow along as you start the fun stuff!