Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One of My Other Jobs

I've been working a bit more at the chocolate shop to help them out through the holiday transition. One of my favorite tasks is designing to window display. We don't change it very often because you have to take down a bunch of shelves to do it but we try to at least with the seasons. Obviously,  this time it has been decorated for Valentines Day.  Sorry about the glare, I did the window this morning and the angle of the sun was working against me.

Don't these truffles look fantastic? Our head chocolatier is amazing. All of them are hand painted and filled with delicious flavored ganaches.

I was also super excited to come home to this. Our replacement dremel bits so that I can get more progress done on the kitchen! Yay!

Tonight we are going to dinner and a show. I got us tickets to an opera earlier in the year and now we finally get to see it. I'm trying to get Daniel more in to theater so hopefully he will enjoy this one. It is Atilla. I don't know much about it but it will be fun to dress up and check it out.


  1. I was a fashion merchandiser for years and windows were always my favourite part! That was a great job - and interior decorator for stores. So fun!
    Your window looks great. And those chocolates...O.M.G.

  2. Those chocolates look to beautiful to eat! Oh my! Hope you had fun at the theater!

  3. too* how embarrassing! I hate those kind of mistakes!

  4. That is one beautiful window display!
    Susan d