Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shelves at Last!

Finally after months and months of renovating we have shelves.

Lets look at the side by side again


I love it! The visual weight is off of the wall and all you see are windows (which need a coat of paint). We also hung the other cabinets we had from the original kitchen arrangement. Everyone found a new home and we are thrilled with the results. 

Remember way back how I hinted at how we saved 1,200$? Here's how. If you remember our original kitchen design (here) this is what the oven side of the kitchen should look like.

You can see in the bottom left corner there are plans for a corner cabinet with two small cabinets next to it. As I explained in this post last week there was no way I was going to shelve out (punny I know) that much money only to get rid of the perfectly good cabinets I already had. As I was scrolling through the shelving options seeing if I could make things cheaper I saw this

And what is a blind corner cabinet except a regular cabinet that you cant get in to the other door? This got my wheels turning and I realized, I have all the cabinets I need, I just have to be creative. So that corner went a little something like this. 

Cabinet A went up first. 

Notice the only one handle? Wait, it gets clearer. Now for cabinet B

Lets look closer.

See how the door is hidden behind the cabinet now? It creates the perfect gap to still open both but doesn't leave a huge opening like just removing the door would. 

We had one last cabinet to go up on the other side to complete the picture. 

The only cabinet we are missing is the base to the left of the stove. That should be a project for this weekend. Fingers crossed my next hair brained scheme works as well as this one. So far the blind corner doesn't bother me but we will see. It may be that we decide it is worth shelling out the big bucks to get something that works better but I am more than willing to go with the free option for now. 

What's next? I've got paint for the cabinets and once that last shelf is built counter tops need to be addressed but the sun has been shining so who knows how far we will get. You've got to enjoy the sun while you can in Seattle. 


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  1. Love the shelves! Yay for progess, right?!

  2. ooo fun! I'm just moving into a new place this week, thanks for the great ideas!
    came over from Serenity Now!

  3. Wow! Looking great!! The shelves are so much lighter and brighter!

  4. nice blog :)
    Let`s follow each other sweetie!