Thursday, May 3, 2012

Filling Holes

I've decided I am not a fan of the previous owners of this house. Every once in a while I just get fed up with their lazy half fixes and want to scream. Shall I give you exhibit 4675? You've seen it before.

Whenever they renovated the kitchen last they left the wall header in the ceiling and just plastered over it. Not very cleanly I might add. Obviously we took it down which left us with a gaping hole.

(This picture was pre-final post removal). Two strips of drywall later we are close but there is going to be some major patching needed to make the ceiling flush. On the plus side this is the last thing keeping me from painting the rest of the kitchen and putting up our cabinets! Here's to hoping our "fix" will be better than theirs.

Anyone else have "features" left over from a previous owner? Ours really liked to paint trim without sanding drips. **sigh**


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