Monday, July 9, 2012

Face Lift

Remember how I told you last week I'd have all sorts of progress to show you? Yeah, nothing happened. But this week is different! First up I've got a serious face lift to reveal. Ready? You know you are!

For those of you who have been following along patiently with this little kitchen reno you will probably recall that many things had to happen to get the kitchen where it is right now (walls had to be taken down, moved, drywalled, beams torn out, and old lighting removed to say the least). All of that fuss left our kitchen ceiling looking a little shabby. I give you exhibit A

Here it is from another angle with details.

Here's what we've got now.

About a billion times better right? What's that? Why yes we did replace that fugly 90's track lighting! Isn't she a beaut?

We have been sitting on this light since we first started the kitchen. It is from Home Depot by Hampton Bay. We got ours in bronze to go with the other light fixtures.

Speaking of other lights, we also updated the light over the sink. I know, you're thinking, didn't they already do that? We did, but there were some issues. The main issue was that with the dining room in direct line of sight to the kitchen sink, anyone sitting down was blinded by the light (never a good thing). So a quick trip to the ReStore and $9.00 later we have this lovely little shade.

Pretty isn't it.

Even better is that it goes perfectly with the light we are going to be putting by the back door.

World Imports Lighting 9007-88 Luray 1-Light Semi-Flush Light Fixture, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Via Amazon

Amazon pulls through again with this pretty $43.53 dollar number. A steal right? Seeing as that similar ones were going for upwards of $90 at the ReStore I think we got a good deal. That should be here next week and soon our lighting will be complete! 

I'm still plugging away a painting cabinets. Slowly but surely my friends. I did attempt to install my new drawer hardware to show you but the screws they included weren't long enough to attach. **sigh** hopefully next week. I need to call and see what can be done.

Many little things left to work on, but the tiling and the flooring are the last big things.  Daniel and I made a pact, if he finishes removing the ceiling bits in the bedroom then I will finish tearing up the floor. If you've ever worked with a Dremel then you know I got the better end of that deal. More to reveal tomorrow but I thought I'd give you the big update today. 

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