Monday, July 2, 2012


Slowly but surely this kitchen will get done.

I've gotten back on the cabinet painting bandwagon and am making slow but steady progress. I've been using the guest bed as a painting zone to keep things relatively free of hair but it makes for slow going.

Also, the door hardware came in and I can't wait to show you what we went with (hopefully end of this week). It was probably my biggest non essential splurge.

We also did some floor shopping.

The only thing holding us back is color. The color is fairly accurate in this (maybe a little red) so you can see what we are dealing with. We both agree that the first small sample (middle left) is the closest to the color of the floor in the rest of the house however neither of us are really in love with the color of the floor. So the big debate is do we really think we will ever get around to staining the floor and if that is the case should we pick a different color for the cork? We both like the natural color (on top) but it feels a bit too modern for our space. I really like the lower right but it just doesn't go with the floor we have now and I'm not sold on redoing all of our flooring just to match the kitchen. What do you think?

Anyone else making these kinds of life altering decisions? I know, who knew something like flooring could be so difficult to choose.


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  1. Such a hard decision. I love the idea of cork but I would be so lost on trying to pick a color. Does the rest of the floor need repair? Is it big on your list to restain? If not, go with a color that matches. It will make the spaces look bigger and more connected if the color flows from room to room.