Thursday, July 26, 2012

Movin' On Up

It is official, we now have a bed room again. We've been using the bedroom as a staging area for pretty much the whole kitchen project and most of the time it looks like this.

Not exactly inviting is it? Not that it is in any way done but here she is all cleaned up.

The almost empty stage (I had some serious mopping to do before anything was going in there).

Our finished wall- sans light switch.

Why yes the walls are still lavender.

And finally, with the bed back in. Still playing with the layout but Norman finds it very exciting. So exciting he had to kill a hippo in frame.

His happy face makes up for it though.

Lots of progress to show but currently things are everywhere. We have a joke here that I can only keep two rooms clean at any one time. Currently that is the Bedroom and Library.

In other news our flooring comes tomorrow and I may have more to show you (if I get the kitchen clean). I finished pulling up the flooring and look what I found. Do you think it is functional?

You never know with old houses do you. Has this happened to anyone else? The house we moved in to when I was 10 had a door hidden behind the refrigerator. To this day I wish I had opened it to see what was behind.



  1. What is that thing you found? I'm confused!

  2. It's a heating duct they had installed flooring over. I've always wondered why there was no heating in the kitchen!

  3. Awesome for progress!!! And I love Norman!