Thursday, July 19, 2012

Floor to Ceiling Challenge

You may remember last week  I challenged Daniel to a face off on who could finish their project first- me removing the flooring in the kitchen or Daniel removing the remaining ceiling boards in the bedroom.

I was so going to win. Seriously. I mean look how far I was.

Well, last night I came home to this

Curses he won! Obviously it took my non-competitive brain about two seconds not to care and just be super psyched about not having a hole in our bedroom ceiling any more but there was that moment.

Why the sudden spur forward you ask? On Monday our loan officer contacted us and said that basically he would pay us to refinance our house to a lower rate (obviously there is more to it than that but Daniel deals with those kinds of things). The only catch? We have to get the house appraised again which means it needs to look like it isn't in a million pieces. Easier said than done right? Apparently not. If I had known giving my husband an extra $200 a month would have gotten this project done sooner I just might have done it. We worked straight through to 9:30pm (which is way past my "I'm done" time) and are no longer living with open walls. 

We even finally got around to closing up the hallway. 

Oh and he finished the electrical too. Amazing right?

Obviously everything still needs to be spackled and painted but this is a huge step forward. Yay for sudden progress. Now I just have to go back and finish tearing up that floor. **double sigh**

Anyone else make spontaneous progress on their projects this week? I don't think I've ever seen Daniel so determined to finish a project.


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  1. Wow!! Fingers crossed on the refinancing too. A lot of our friends have been doing that lately since the rates have been more favorable since when they bought.