Friday, June 29, 2012

Jar Man

Like my subtle nod to Jamaican slang? Didn't get it? Yeah, that's how I felt most of the trip.

In grand tradition of honeymoons I wasted no time in collecting bits for our honeymoon jar. Daniel is very patient with me as I comb beaches for sticks and shells. I'm pretty excited with how this one turned out though.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a memory jar I'll give you a quick run down (you can see last year's here).  First, you start with a clean jar. Then you fill it with stuff. Since our honeymoon's center around beaches ours always include sand. Jamaica's sand is very interesting and textural. Lots of shell bits and coral.



I had lot's of fun diving for urchin shells and coral bits. I also included one of the wrist bands from the resort to remember where we were.

Here's a nice close up of that sand. See how pretty it was.

Nothing like a free souvenir right? I envision a whole wall of these someday to celebrate all of the years and travels we've had together. 

What do you do to commemorate your vacations? Are you a scrapbooker? Or do you have something more unique?

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  1. This is a really cool. Normally I'll grab a couple of shells or pretty stones to take home as souvenirs, but I've never labeled where they all came from. That would have been a good idea!

  2. What a very cool idea!! I am terrible about gathering souveniers. I always buy stupid stuff like t-shirts that I'll wear twice. :( Note to self..