Friday, July 1, 2011

My Parents Went on Vacation and All I Got Was This @*&! Shirt...

I'm never really super excited by the standard souvenirs you see on vacation (obviously this depends on where you go, when we were in Italy I brought home tons of neat things they just weren't shot glasses and magnets). Normally I tend to stick with pictures. I try to take at least one good picture of the place we visited and then blow it up to 8X10 and frame it. However, when we went on our Honeymoon last year the beach was so beautiful I decided to bring some of it home. I had a left over apothecary jar from our engagement party and I filled it with the sand and shells we had collected on our trip. It has spent the last year sitting on my husbands desk and makes me smile every time I see it.

This year when we went on our second honeymoon I decided I wanted to do something similar but I didn't like the idea shelling out for another big fancy jar (also, where would I put it? The hope is to do this every year so it could get crowded after a while). I had seen memory jars before (here's Sherry's article on them) and I liked how simple and fun they are. Sherry uses Mason Jars but I've been collecting jars from food for ages so I used one of those instead.

I'll let the photos so the talking from here are out

It's kind of like arranging flowers. The only special thing I did was paint the jar lid and modge podge the heart on. (It smudged a bit on me so I would suggest writing after you put it all together)

There you have it.

Something fun to put on your shelf to remind you of that special vacation. You could add just about anything you'd like from anywhere like Sherry does but since our yearly honeymoon is a goal for us I am going to stick to using them just for those vacations. I love the idea of one day having 50+ jars from each of our "honeymoons". Best of all, the whole project cost 0.00$!

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