Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's Next? Backyard Edition

Now that we are done with the terracing we have been taking a little break and figuring out what is the next step on our to do list. That being said, I thought I'd share it with you. Don't you just love lists? I've got like 5 going right now.

Back Yard Makeover To Do:
  • Clear brush 
  • Build terracing
  • Put up/build fence
  • Plant grass
  • Build a shed
  • Paint and re screen screen door
  • Paint back door
  • Take out AstroTurf on back porch and refinish
  • Decorate porch
  • Put in lighting along the walk way
  • Fix porch light
  • Plant upper planters
  • Plant Laurel hedge
Akk! Writing it all down makes me feel all overwhelmed again. Let's just look at some pretty planting inspirations instead

Hydrangea Walkway, Santa Cantarin, Brazil
 photo via Lajacaranda

See that's why I am doing all this work. This will be a yard to be loved for years to come. Positive thinking people!


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  1. Wow those are beautiful gardens! I dream of having hydrangeas like those.Good luck with yur garden.