Thursday, July 28, 2011

How do I Love Thee?

You might have noticed from my yard inspiration pics here that I have a soft spot for hydrangeas. Particularly light blue ones. This is probably because they featured heavily in our wedding plans. I even made my own light blue hydrangea bouquet

and the park where we got married (you can read all about that special day here) had some GORGEOUS blue hydrangea bushes

Ever since we started looking for a house I have been dreaming about planting my very own blue hydrangeas but I haven't found any at the nurseries that were the right color. This is what I'm hoping the backyard will look like

What do you mean that doesn't look realistic at all? Ok, I don't have much any photo shopping skills (or Photoshop for that matter) but this is my best approximation of what I want. Wouldn't it be lovely to have huge bushes of hydrangeas in the back? I think so. I can't wait to get this back yard going but I know It will be awhile before it is as lush as I'd like. Here's to hoping!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! We're working on getting the fencing up and I have a few little projects I worked on this week that I still need to write tutorials for.

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