Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Can't Have Too Much Privacy

I have never liked that the first thing I see as I come up the stairs to my front door is this

That my friends is my neighbor's bathroom window. This is what I get for living in the city. Here is what I see leaving the front door.

They just added that lovely new balcony that can now see in my living room windows. **sigh** Luckily I love my house and where I live so I decided to just block them out! We were already buying lattice for the back yard so I grabbed an extra sheet to use for this project.

First I measured the bottom of the opening and cut the lattice down. Then I stuck it up in the space

and traced the archway. After I cut that down I did the same thing with the little bit on the top (I used just one whole 4x8 lattice for this project).

Next I pulled out a leftover can of white trim the previous owners left behind and got to painting

Like my state of the art tarp? That is the old shower curtain from the downstairs bath that was here when we moved in. It was easier to paint standing up so I moved it around to work that way. I'm working on the front porch because I didn't want the dust from the back yard all over my paint job.

Once everything was painted and dry (it took two coats for full coverage) I attached it to the space with some L brackets. Here are some before and afters for you (so you don't have to scroll back up)



Now the other way



Much nicer! I does make the space a little darker but it is worth it to have the privacy. We are planning on getting something to grow up it to make it even prettier.

You can see I've spiffed up the entry way and changed the old pennant banner that was there before. I found that rusty metal ring in the back yard and thought it was neat. Since the paint was free the total cost of this was 23$ for the lattice and 3$ for the brackets. A nice 26$ makeover if I do say so myself!

What about you? Are you a big privacy freak like us? (this isn't our first privacy screen, see that here) Or do you just let it all hang out?


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  1. Very Nicely done! Great idea... I really like it.
    I do like my privacy.. & we built in the country.. no neighbors...then they sold the land & built a subdivision... now I have 11 backyards touching mine.. hate it, but we have mature trees that keep them from seeing in... until winter : )

  2. I like what you have interesting alternative which is pretty and functional and makes you happier!

  3. Kathy: You never can tell what your neighbors will get up to. I'm sorry you've got so many now, hopefully the trees will help!
    Lisa: Thanks! I was sitting on the porch admiring it yesterday. Much better

  4. I love it so much better with the privacy cover. Very nice!

  5. Girl, you did a great job on the privacy lattice. I see them add that to homes on HGTV to give more privacy from neighbors. I have curtains that I open and close depending on the time of day, etc. for privacy.