Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slow Progress

It feels like the back yard is creeping along at a snails pace (honestly I can't work more than 4 hours on it at a time before wanting to die so it is understandable). Lucky for me Daniel had a slow day at work and put in a few hours of digging and post holing.

Now it looks like this

Yeah, doesn't look like much to me either. It didn't help that Daniel decided the plan didn't "make sense" to him and stared at it for about 45 min. Which was probably good because our new terracing marks will be a lot less work. (yay for being married to an engineer!) Looks like this project will be a long time coming so hopefully you aren't holding your breath. I'll just keep working in 4 hour chunks and let you know when I'm done. 


1 comment:

  1. Oh My goodness, this looks like a huge job! Good luck, I don't think I'd make it 4 min. let alone 4 hours at a time :)

    Thanks for stopping by to link up to the mix and mingle party this week!