Monday, July 18, 2011

Privacy Please!

Hope you all had a good weekend. We stayed pretty busy all weekend even though very little got done on our main project, the yard. Saturday Chocolopolis, the chocolate shop I help out in, was having a guest chocolatier come and do a private chocolate and beer tasting. I can never miss out on a opportunity to meet someone in the world of chocolate and this did not disappoint. If you haven't tried Christopher Elbow chocolates you are missing out. Chris is a world class chocolatier and he makes some of the best chocolates I have ever tasted. Definitely worth missing out on yard work for (like I needed an excuse!). We used the rest of the afternoon to put in the first two fence posts and finish leveling out the first terrace. Sunday it poured on and off so we got a little done but not much... One thing we did manage to complete this weekend is a little privacy issue that has come up between our house and the one next door.

I love hanging out in our library because it gets great light and, well, all my books are there but it does have one flaw. A serious lack of privacy. Especially now that the house next to us is for sale. People are traipsing past at all hours of the day. So, while we were getting the lumber for the back yard we picked up some rolls of reed screening. You know, this stuff (at Lowes)

Bamboo Buddy Reed Fence 6ft x15ft

It took our privacy issue from this

To this

It still wasn't private enough for Daniel so we added a second layer (picture taken much later in the day)

Since no one is living next door we popped over to the other side of the fence and checked to make sure it was giving us adequate screening. Perfection!

We liked it so much we lined the whole side yard (only one layer for the rest of the way). Just look at the difference!



Much nicer! (Can you see the change from my sunny Saturday to my rainy Sunday?) It still needs to be weeded out and cleaned up but I'm letting it all go while we deal with the back yard since it is creating such a mess. We used five rolls total for about 23$ a roll (each roll is about 15 feet long). Coming in just over 100$ it is a nice easy upgrade. There is already an old wire fence between the two yards so we just wired it on to that. In a year or so we'll probably spring for a real fence but until then (or until whomever buys the house next to us puts in a new fence themselves) we are very happy with how it looks.

I'm hoping to get some work in on the yard today but between the weather and my tired self it may be slow. Luckily there is lot's to occupy myself with during down times (like dreaming about my upcoming birthday present aka the closet makeover I've been promised).  Anyone else have fun project they are dreaming about?



  1. That is a great solution at a great price. Thanks for visiting ...following you back! good luck with your yard work.

  2. Found you over at The Mustard Ceiling. I've added a link to you in my blogroll at


  3. Hi, Just came over from The Mustard Ceiling. The reed screening looks great (it can be used for different projects). Love the fabulous light fixture in your master bedroom.

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies! @Karen, I need all the luck I can get!

  5. Emily, thanks for stopping by. If houses could be friends, I think ours would be!