Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canceled On Account of Rain...


I swear I jinx myself every time. After going on and on about how sunny it has been I woke up to rain... (I know, it's Seattle so I shouldn't be too surprised but still!) Luckily the forecast says it goes away tomorrow but it has derailed my plans a little bit...

I will not be deterred! I've got all sorts of projects/plans and the house needs cleaning so the yard can sit a day. Who knows, maybe it will be even easier to weed after a day of rain! (Here's to hoping...) I got some progress in Wednesday so it went from this

To This:

And I cleaned up the stairs

So we are getting there...

I figured since I couldn't be out getting things done I'd show you the mock up I did for the back yard.

I just scanned my concept drawing in. Please excuse the bad art, it is just a rough plan. You can see (sort of) that we are going to have at least three flat terraced spaces with planters running between and a more formal gardening space up top. Once the yard is cleared it may change a bit but this is the general idea. We are actually planning on DIYing the fence using the fence that is currently there and some lattice panels. I also plan to recycle the leftover fencing into a farmhouse table for the breakfast nook.

Fingers crossed for some progress to show on Monday!


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