Friday, July 8, 2011


You know when you get all excited about your plans only to have them fail utterly (ok, maybe not utterly but I'm feeling derailed today).

Background. Remember all those buttons? Well since it was raining and I can't work on the back yard I decided to play arts and crafts. I had sorted them all into groups in between weeding Wednesday and was super exited about some of the really cool brass buttons.

Aren't they fun?

I'd recently pinned these two projects

(The button bouquet is from Blue Velvet Chair and the Felt Billy Balls are from Design Sponge) 

How neat would it be do do Billy Balls with brass buttons? So I grabbed my floral wire and some buttons and put one together. I tried it out in my new blue vase from target (3.49!) and it did this...

My Billy Ball has lost its stamina... I guess I need stronger wire if I am going to make them this long. While I rethink this project I'll just pull out a new one to try. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Fingers crossed for sun.


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