Monday, July 11, 2011


After an exhausting weekend we've gone from this

To this

That huge pile of cuttings in the back are all the bushes that previously populated the yard. We also took down most of the fence and I ripped it all apart setting aside any planks that were still good to reuse. I'm hoping to get another fence, consul table, breakfast table, and shed out of the old fencing materials. It is so nice and weathered it will be great for furniture.  The plan is to get the terracing done this week but my body needs a rest so I'm taking today off and coming back to it all Tuesday.

Before I go I wanted to share my newest thrift store find (ignore those paint swatches on the wall, we still haven't decided what color we want to do)

Can you believe it's July and they are starting to put out Christmas things! But I love it and it was only 10$. Score! In all honesty I can not wait for the holiday season to start. I love all the decorating and this year we have a house to host in. (Maybe that's why I am so excited, or I'm just crazy. You can decide that)


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