Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where'd Those Rhododendrons Go?

Remember these before and afters?

You'll notice we hacked a few things everything down. But, up until this weekend two plants were still holding steady back there. Two weeks ago (before we started terracing) the yard looked like this

That big bushy bit is an unhappy rhododendron. Here it is with it's even unhappier friend in the far corner there.

Whomever planted them didn't read the tag very well (but they did leave it attached so I could) and planted it in a mostly sunny area (it says it likes shade). They were healthy enough that I didn't just want to get rid of them but they don't really fit in to my plans. So I decided to relocate them to a shadier spot, the front yard. It is still a work in progress but there were some nice big empty spaces that needed filling.

Here it is pre-planting (see the empty spot?)

That big ugly thing in the foreground was throwing off that whole balance of the place so it got trimmed and I filled in behind it. Now you can see the little Rhododendron next to the fern and the big one by the Cedar.

Norman thinks it looks pretty good too. Just a quick transplant but now I have a nice blank slate to work from in the back yard. Now to just figure out what to plant.


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  1. Holy cow! Big project! The terracied yard is going to look so good. Looking forward to seeing the end result!