Thursday, July 21, 2011

They're Here!!!

I was very happy to take a break from the yard to recieve this package. My house inspiration pillows came!  This all started with Sherry at Young House Love's Sue the Napkin. They had found a napkin who's colors just spoke to them and decided to use it as inspiration for their whole house color pallet, so when we were first buying our house I started looking for my own "sue".

The simple idea of it is to find a set of colors that all look good together to help keep your home looking cohesive without being staged. It also is nice if you are color challenged like me to know what will be complementary to your house. The easiest way to find a good pallet is to pick a picture, piece of fabric, anything really that you think looks good and pull colors out of it. Design Seeds is another great place to find color pallets. Isn't this one just fabulous?


My house inspiration started it's life as a napkin from Pottery Barn but they don't seem to have them any more. They do however have the pillow covers and when they did their big sale a few weeks ago I had to jump on them.

Wanna see? Of course you do!

I didn't have large enough inserts for them so I just put them on top of the shaggy pillows I bought from Target a while back (here) that were already there. I plan to have them either in the library or in the breakfast nook in the long run but at 16$ each plus free shipping and a 10% off coupon I couldn't pass them up (I just checked and they are still on sale!).

I like having something tangible as a color pallet because I can tuck it in my purse and bring it with me when I shop for linens and pillows and paint and it helps keep me from going to wild with my color choices. The napkin features more of the blues, greens and golds than the pillow but I love the pop of coral. 

One has taken up residence here and I have to say I like it.

Yard update to come. We are working steadily away (Daniel has had a quiet week so he's been lots of help this week)


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  1. I love these colors and the pillows, too. You picked a great inspiration piece.