Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend...

Or in this case ON the weekend. I wish I could say I got all sorts of fun projects done this weekend but it did not go quite as planned.

Mostly it was spent like this

Yeah, that's my husband under the sink. I went to do the dishes Saturday night and heard a strange dripping sound. Soon my feet were wet. I looked down to see my dishwasher gushing water on to the floor. **sigh** I was too cranky to deal with it on Saturday so Sunday morning we went for a walk to our local hardware store to get an auger for the drain. My darling husband went to town and 3 hours (and a bottle of Draino later) I had a clog free sink.

While he was there he also fixed one of our houses little quirks. The faucet handles were installed backwards so the nobs turned the wrong way on and off. Since they hit the backspash you couldn't turn them all the way on and thus had basically no water pressure. I stood and cheered him on while he worked away. Luckily fixing the faucets was an easy fix. Que ominous music... feeling like handy people he went to turn the faucets on and... still no water pressure... hmmm We took it apart again, nothing seemed wrong. Tested the pressure coming out of the wall. It looked good. We stared at the faucet and then it dawned on me. The filter! In case you didn't know, your faucet has a little screen over the opening of the nozzle which keeps sediment from coming out into your water. It also traps all the sediment that tries to get through. So I unscrewed it, cleaned it all out (which involved a bristle brush and soaking in hot water) and low and behold success!! We did a little happy dance until we looked at the time. Apparently the day can get away from you. By the time I finally did the dishes it was dinner time and I hadn't done my grocery shopping. Luckily we live about a mile from a Trader Joes so one quick walk later we had dinner in hand.

While I didn't get much accomplished I did start a few things.

Remember my luggage wrack from that great furniture score a few weeks ago? I am one coat of spray paint away from a reveal (and it is looking mighty fine).

I got a few of my errands in Saturday too and found these cute pillows at Target.

I love how shaggy they are. I also got the approval to paint the coffee table (yay!) though that might be waiting a bit as my next task is taming this

That's right. I'm about to start ticking off those To-Do's. Don't worry though, you know I'll be filling you in on all the dirty little details. Hope your weekend was productive!


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