Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You mean I can keep it???

I'd like to begin this long and picture filled post by thanking my husband for being seriously understanding when I bring things I've "found" home. Never once has he rolled his eyes or complained as I gushed about how cool this new thing was that I just had to pick up.

This furniture find began on an afternoon walk with Norman last Friday. Apparently our neighbor down the street couldn't fit everything they owned into their moving van so he was piling it outside to get rid of (and I mean throw away which really gets my gizzard [yes, I am 80] because Salvation Army will come pick things up for free but I digress). Best of all, I was the first one there! I ran (well walked briskly because I'm not that crazy) home and corralled my darling husband into walking up the street to bring home these fabulous and completely free finds. Here's what I scored:

This lovely side table

A cute shabby chic round table

A ceramic pot and stand and that adorable wicker side table

 This lovely stool
 A brown wicker chair and that GIANT giraffe (we got it for our friend's daughter but Daniel liked it so much he wants to keep it)

 A storage ottoman and cute Persian rug

These neat cane folding chairs

A luggage rack

And absolutely best of all.....

Can you believe they were just giving away a dining room table and those lovely parsons chairs??? There are eight chairs in total which is a serious plus. I was just sighing over how expensive a nice dining room table would be and this one falls into our laps! Providence I tell you. I am beyond excited about all the new things we have (something I may have mentioned to my husband three or ten times that evening). Some of them may not stay with us but if I can't find a home for them the local Salvation Army will.


  1. LOVE the giraffe! And I cannot believe you got that table and chairs!! lucky lucky!

  2. Wow, you scored big time! I love, love the dining room table! Lucky you.