Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Porch Styling

As I tick down the days until I can finally finish painting the porch (you have to wait 7 days for the paint to cure if you want to keep it looking nice for a long time apparently) I've been obsessing over how I want it to look when I am done. You may remember from yesterdays post that I recently acquired quite a bit of new furniture so I've got some options when it comes to what to put out there.

Right now I'm leaning towards this chair (because I already have another one that is similar)

And I like that it is big so it will fill up the space.

My biggest problem is coming up with cushions and pillows. The porch is going to be stenciled with blues and greens so you'd think that would be what color you should use right? I'm just nervous about making everything too blue. So of course I did some googling and found a few nice inspiration shots (I love Pinterest btw. If you are doing anything design related it is a great tool) from none other than House Beautiful

That's not too blue right? Maybe with some yellow thrown in to add some pop. Like this

Premier Prints Suzani Slub Texture Yellow/White
I don't know... anyone else have any good ideas? or have done something fun with their porch? 

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