Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hiding Junk

So while my first coat of paint dries on the porch I thought I'd catch you up on some of the other things I've been working on. Namely, trying to find homes for everything I own... Apparently in 1902 when this house was built no one needed to store anything so there is like ZERO storage (and tiny closets but I digress). In our apartment we had a cool linen closet with drawers built in that housed all the random toiletries and what-not that we had. Here we have this

Thats attractive. (these shelves are in the downstairs bathroom in case you were wondering)

Since we are planning on remodeling the downstairs bath completely I didn't want to do anything super extravagant with the shelves but I couldn't stand looking at this mess every time I came down here. So what did I do? I hid it!

Check this out

Much better! And it was super easy to do. 

I measured out the space and went off to my local fabric store to find something pretty. (I needed a yard) I am planning to paint the downstairs bath with the leftover paint from the kitchen so this was perfect. (it's Micheal Miller's Magnolia Branch)

Next I used some leftover hem tape from some Ikea curtains and hemmed her up.

After struggling with the first edge I realized my life would be much easier if I ironed the crease first before trying to get the tape down. 

Once it was nicely hemmed I just tacked it to the wall. I want to get some nail head and do the edges but for now it looks pretty nice if I do say so my self. 

All in all it was 10$ for a yard of fabric and about 15 min of my time to make this no sew curtain so I call it a success! 

**Stay tuned for some porch pictures tomorrow! The stencil came this morning and I'm excited to try it out. Sadly I will have to wait a week before the porch cures and I can go out on it

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