Wednesday, June 29, 2011


One of the things my husband credits me for bringing to the relationship is my love of travel. It isn't that he didn't enjoy traveling before it is just that he gets too wrapped up in work to leave, but we're fixing that.

Last year for our honeymoon we went to the Turks and Caicos (pictured in this little DIY). It was by far the best vacation I've ever had (it didn't hurt that it was gorgeous as well)

The view from our room
When we got home Daniel said those magic words that I think every partner would love to hear-- "Let's do this every year" Great right?

So in keeping with that we returned to the Caribbean to enjoy our second honeymoon. It was absolutely blissful.

Since I'm trying to keep this blog about the house as much as possible I'll leave out the gratuitous bikini shots (though you may see some later as my bikini is the inspiration for the color pallet in the bathroom). The whole hotel was beautiful. Everything was light and airy and tropical without being kitschy. Check it out!

Our bedroom

I really like how they did the canopy with the fabric just draping over the pole. It left the room feeling much more open than a traditional canopy bed sometimes is.

Our sitting room. That blue/teal and brown makes a great color combo. The art over the sofa is pretty neat too. It is mirrored by the art in the dining room.

You might be able to notice that some of the shapes over the bar fit into the shapes over the sofa. It makes a nice paring over the long wall.  You could easily reproduce the effect with a jigsaw. It would be super cute with animal cut outs for a kids room

I'm loving that drum shade over the table with the mix of traditional and banquet seating too.

Looking out of our little patio to our private beach. 

The Jacuzzi tub was awesome!

 I really want to make one of these beds. Or at least a canopy like them.

Couldn't you see it? You could take the Ikea four poster

EDLAND Four-poster bed frame, white Length: 83 1/2 " Width: 63 3/8 " Height: 82 5/8 " Mattress length: 79 1/2 " Mattress width: 59 7/8 "  Length: 212 cm Width: 161 cm Height: 210 cm Mattress length: 202 cm Mattress width: 152 cm
add a few bars across the top and drape away. I think my bedroom is too small but it could look really cute as a day bed too... It definitely amped me up to tackle redoing our bed room!

I'll be sharing all the fun inspiration I found through the rest of the week as I finish unpacking and start a few more projects. I hope you enjoy!


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