Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

A year ago today I married the love of my life! And it was fabulous!

Daniel and I met in college in 2003 and I knew right away I was going to marry him (he however was studying and was much to busy to notice me unless I sat on him, which I did, frequently). We wooed for years both long distance and short and eventually decided we wanted to start a life together (just to make all the fun we were having legit). It was probably one of my favorite days.

Daniel proposed to me my last day of teaching (I was laid off) and the day before we flew to Seattle to look for an apartment. It felt like after all those years of trying to find ways to be together we were truly embarking on something that would be just ours (all of our family is CA so moving away was a big deal). It is definitely the best decision I ever made. I love my family and I love my in laws and I always wish people lived closer but I love that everything about this city is ours and even if we move away it always will be.

We found an adorable apartment on Queen Ann (the one I talked about in this post) and just fell in love with the area. So much in fact we got married down the street.

Parsons Garden was beautiful, full of blue hydrangeas and absolutely lovely. We had a tiny wedding (read 17 people including us) and just enjoyed the intimacy of it all. It was absolutely special to have all the people who were truly important to us there (I love the entirety of my family and friends but there are those few who made a big impact on my life and I feel blessed to have had them there). We had a quiet family style dinner at an Italian restaurant down the street and it was delicious. Wood fired pizza, home made lasagna and the best wine I've ever had. All in all it was perfect and I can't believe it was a year ago already!  It has been a great year and now we are sitting on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic (this was a scheduled post) and enjoying our second honeymoon. Life is good.

Some gratuitous pictures for the rest of you all. I love looking at them!
The Norman baby with his bow tie on

With my parents

With Daniel's parents
I love this picture with my Father, I was telling him not to cry because I knew I couldn't hold it together if he did. 
My best friend (and witness) Jessie and her husband Casey

Daniel's best friend (and witness) CJ and his fiancee Erin

My bouquet of blue hydrangeas I DIY'ed

Absolutely my favorite picture of the bunch

There you are. It was an amazing day and I loved every minute of it (and every minute since). Wishing you all all the love and happiness in the world!


**And happy birthday to my younger borther Alec! I can't believe you are 23!

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