Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm happy to say I am back, blissfully relaxed, and ready to get some projects started! (As you may remember from this post I've got quite a bit I want to get done)

I'm spending most of the day getting things settled from being gone so long. Emails, mail, bills... **sigh** back to the real world, but I wanted to let you all see a little of what we were up to on our vacation.

For our second honeymoon (as my husband calls them) we went to the Dominican Republic and stayed in a fabulous (and remarkably affordable) all inclusive resort called Dreams Palm Beach (seriously, like fire sale prices in January). Isn't that just gorgeous? 

We spent 99% of our time relaxing.

 By the pool

By the beach...

Or in our Hammock (don't you love the black toe Daniel got while we were moving?)

I'm dying to DIY one of these beds. They were strewn all over the beaches as places to lounge. I see an IKEA Hack coming on. 

 Daniel's cousin was getting married last weekend so we tied the last leg of our trip into that and stopped off in Boulder CO for her beautiful wedding in a flower filled meadow.

 I'll be back later to give you some more fun details on the decor and styling of everything. I found inspiration everywhere  (and got more than obsessed with a few light fixtures...)


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