Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Real Estate Love

If you've been with me from the beginning you will remember that our house had been on the market almost a year before we bought it. It also came with a large stack of Realtor cards. Hundreds of Realtor cards.

I always wanted to do something artsy with them since they symbolized how special this house is. I've been sitting on them for the last seven months and finally I had my idea. It all started with the need to fill in a wall with some art. This wall to be precise.

Anyone who has stairs in their house knows the dilemma of ridiculously tall looming walls. They are a pain. Often they are way too tall for most people to reach but they take up huge amounts of visual space. I've seen some great fixes in the past though and have been through a few ideas of my own before I settled on this one. Now for the glorious after.

So it is not fine art but I think it is fun! It fills the space perfectly and every time I walk past the door I can see it. The most difficult thing about the project was hanging it. Luckily I have a very tall ladder and a very willing husband. 

The fun coincidence I learned while we hung it was that I actually used our Realtor's card in the "V". So the person responsible for introducing us to our house is represented in our love. 

This is all part of the grand stair case makeover (you can see part one here). Anyone else have big projects in the works? My kitchen just may be getting an update in the new year. I'll update you on that next week after I've gotten a few quotes.


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