Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

We finally got our tree up and it is glorious! The last few years we didn't even bother since we were spending the holidays elsewhere. This year we are celebrating our first Christmas in our new house and I wasn't going anywhere! With a new kitten in the house we were a bit worried about the tree and ornaments but we decided to give it a go anyway (also, I anchored the tree to the wall using command hooks and some twine so my tree isn't going anywhere!). We carried our tree home 8 blocks from the local tree lot and set it up for a few days without ornaments to test out the kitty-proofness. Once we were sure it wasn't going to fall we opened a bottle of sparkling cider and got to work.

She is pretty sparsley decorated since we have only ever had small trees in the past but I love just sitting in the livingroom and enjoying how festive it makes our house feel.

I also decorated the buffet while I had the decorations down. I found this candle holder over the summer at the Salvation Army. Look at Santa and his reindeer go!

I also decorated our willow branches with a few bright baubles. In previous years we have done more monochromatic color schemes for Christmas decorations but I like the bright cheeriness the multicolored ornaments and lights give.

There you have it, our Christmas tree. The house smells amazing and I love that the tree is the first thing you see whether you are coming in the front or the back door. Better late than never right? I still have a few more weeks to enjoy the sight.



  1. Love the candle holder!!! I think it looks great and I'm glad you are spending the holidays at your new house :)

  2. I love it. Smart move securing the tree. I love the willow branches with the ornaments. Great touch!

  3. Your tree is beautiful! Also can't believe you got that candle holder at the salvation army! How come I never find anything that nice there??

    This is my 1st time stopping by your blog. I'll definitely come back! :)

  4. MAN I love the branch arrangement on your buffet!